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2017 Season: Week 9 Open

on Sun Oct 01, 2017 9:14 pm

2017 Season: Week 9

At the trade deadline, a Lions fan comes in before the bell and takes a NFC North rivals WR.  There's something wrong with Posky trading for a Packer.  Will he still take a WR with his first round pick in the draft?

In the AFC South, we have a heated rivalry returning to form.  BigSteve and MoneyNades have met a few times in the past.  I didn't get a chance to watch, but the Spouse Bowl appears close, with Jeff getting to wear the pants in the family for at least a day.  The Buccs beat the Panthers 24-21.

We're in an interesting position where every user has been a recent Game of the Week.  Who gets the nod this week?

Weekly Matchups

Falcons vs Panthers
Buccaneers vs Saints
Redskins vs Seahawks
Lions vs Packers

CPU vs Colts, Rams, Eagles, Titans, Cowboys

Game of the Week

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Can Tigerfan's pound the rock offense keep the Seahawks high flying offense off the field?

Week advances no later than Wednesday night.

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