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on Wed Aug 16, 2017 7:55 pm

AALoA Rules

The Franchise will be run in a sim style manner that we've defined. In this way, it is expected that all players conduct themselves in a manner that makes the game fun, fair, and challenging for both parties involved.

Lobby strategies that focus on winning at all costs are not tolerated. The primary goal, for participating in this league is to have fun, and dive deep into a full Franchise experience with coaching, scouting, etc.  We all know that some of the cheap tactics that take advantage of the CPU AI or just display poor sportsmanship can quickly turn playing the game into an unpleasant hour of gaming. The rules/guidelines are not here to make people feel restricted or confined in their game play but more so ensure that the hour you spend playing is enjoyable in victory or defeat. Respect your opponent.


Franchise Type - Create a Coach Mode
Difficulty Level - All Pro
Quarter Length - 7 Minutes
Play Style - Simulation or Competitive (Definitely not Arcade)
Game Speed - Normal 
Injuries - On
Fatigue - On 
Sliders - Work in progress
Advance - TBD 72 hours?


I.) Play Style:
Click me to expand section:
Everyone has a play style of their own. These differences are more than welcomed as it makes for a diverse league, but it's still important to mix up your play calls. Mix up running and passing. Go inside and outside, shallow, medium, and deep. Call varying types of man defense, zone defense, blitzes, and zone blitzes. 

Playbooks, both stock and custom, are big enough that you should not have to call the same exact play from the same formation more than a couple times a game. If you like the HB Dive, there are multiple formations to call it from. 

While people have favorite plays in key situations, running it over and over in that situation should be avoided. Examples include screen passes on multiple 3rd and longs or FB Dives on every 3rd and Short, or defensively calling the same 3-4 Cover 2 Man or Max Zone as a base defense or a Cover 3 Zone every third and long.  Hot routing every play should be avoided as well. Run the plays how they're intended to be ran. Hot route combos should not replace your playbook. You should have a diverse enough play-calling that multiple matchups with the same opponent should not feel the same.

Variety is risky, but it's part of the game.  You're expected to take those risks, just as your opponents is expected to take risks.
II.) Twitch / YouTube:
Click me to expand section:
>> Live streaming of all games is mandated.  
>> >> During user vs user matchups, two streams is great, but only one stream is required.
>> >> Under [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] select the option to "Automatically archive my broadcasts"
>> >> YouTube automatically archives all streams indefinitely.

>> Want to archive twitch footage?
After each game/stream go to your Twitch "Dashboard" and select "Video Manager" where you will then create a "Highlight" of your game.  All you have to do is set the beginning point of the video, the end point, and give the highlight a title and some details. It's really simple and quick. Twitch will only hold on to your past broadcasts for 14 days. However, highlights will last forever (basically).

>> If you have a YouTube account, you can also export your twitch videos and highlights to YouTube.

You can Subscribe to the AALoA YouTube Channel and we can compile playlists of Seasons and highlights.
III.) Depth Charts / Formation Subs
Click me to expand section:
>> Players must play in their intended positions.
>> No Speed RB at FB.
>> No WRs at RB or TE.

Multiple Defense is considered a 3-4 defense. Use 'LB Pass Rush' when wanting to show a 4-3 look.
>> 3-4 DEs must be 280 lbs or heavier.
>> 4-3 DEs must be 280 lbs or heavier to play DT.
>> 3-4 OLBs can be 4-3 DEs and vice versa.
>> 4-3 OLBs can be 3-4 OLB or 3-4 MLB. 4-3 OLBs cannot be DEs.
>> The ONLY exceptions are real NFL players who are as 3-4 DEs in their Madden Scheme/Traits.
(Sub packages do not count towards this rule. Only depth charts, formation subs, and manual substitutions.)
IV.) 4th Down Rules
Click me to expand section:

Up by 14 or more
You must kick (FG or Punt).
Up by 13 or less or tied
You may go for it only if 4th and short (2 yards or less).
Must be past 35 yard line.
Losing by 16 or less
You may go for it only if 4th and short (2 yards or less).
Must be past 50 yard line.
Losing by 17 or moreYou may go for it in any situation.
***If 4th down rules are broken, it is expected that the violator punt the ball to the opponent immediately.
V.) Gameplay Rules:
1.) Uniforms:
>> Home team gets priority.
>> Away team wears opposite of home team. If Home wears a dark jersey, Away wears white. If the Home team wants to wear white, Away team has to switch to a dark jersey. 
>> No clashing by trying to use a grey or light colored jersey instead of white/light dark jerseys.
2.) No cheesing:
>> While EA has done a decent job of removing AI flaws in their games, should any cheap tactics like rocket user catching, nano blitzing, and LB shaking be found, they will not be tolerated. 
>> Play the game against your opponent, not the AI.  
>> If an exploit is found down the road that you've been using, you will be booted immediately.
3.) Tempo:
>> No huddle is allowed at any time. 
>> You cannot snap the ball until the play clock is below 30 seconds. 
>> This does not apply to the final 2 minutes of any half. 
>> >> If down by 2 possessions (9-16 pts), you can no huddle quickly inside 4 minutes. 
>> >> If down by 20+ points, you can no huddle quickly inside 6 minutes. 
>> You cannot chew clock unless inside the last 4 minutes of the game, or if your opponent is asking for mercy.
4.) Pass Rush:

>> Defenses must rush a minimum of 3 players at all times.
5.) Disconnects:
>> Only the two owners playing the game really know how the flow of the game was going.  Should a disconnect happen, please take the time to discuss how to proceed via mics, text, AALoA chatbox, PSN, etc. If you both agree, fantastic!  
>> If you can't come to a consensus, these are the agreed upon guidelines to follow. Replay the game unless it is late in the game and out of reach (up by 17+ with <4 min in the 4th). Other users lock the 1st half score and play the first half to decide a winner and then just rush through the 2nd half to finish.
6.) Stats vs CPU Teams:
>> QBs: 300 yards, 3 TDs
>> RBs/WRs: 125 yards, 2 TDs
>> Defense: 2 Sacks / 2 INTs 

>> Returners: 1 TD
7.) Banned Plays (If you have a custom playbook, remove any listed play):
>> QB Sneak.
VI.) Trades
Click me to expand section:

>> Real players rated 88 Ovr and higher cannot be traded.
>> Draft generated players can be traded at any rating. 
>> No CPU trades. 

>> All trade offers must be posted and approved by both players in a trade thread providing Player Position, Ratings, and salary cap numbers.  Then it has to be approved by the commissioner, or co-commissioner.
VII.) Reporting Broken Rules
Click me to expand section:
No attacks or harassment publicly, nor privately. Create a highlight via the archived twitch stream, or provide a timestamp for the video where the infraction takes place and send me a PM with the evidence.
VIII.) Breaking of Rules:
Click me to expand section:

Should an owner break a rule, the infraction will be taken into consideration and 1 of 2 scenarios can take place.
1) Forced sim. I decide the winner of your next game(s).
2) Suspension of star/key player(s) for a number of games. The player will need to be completely benched in all phases of the game for the duration of the suspension. To ensure they're benched, their Speed, Awareness, or other key ratings will be zeroed out until the suspension ends.
3) Booted from the league.

Don't break the rules. I don't want to go all Goodell on you.  Upset - Brady
And we don't want you getting all Tebow on us.  Upset - Tebow 

While I feel firmly about these rules, they are open for discussion for the most part, but keep in mind we've spent multiple years refining these.  Send me any questions or open discussion of the rules and we can talk about them.

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on Tue Sep 04, 2018 7:54 pm
I agree to the rules

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