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NCAA 11, 12, 14; Madden 15, 18 Champ
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2016 Pro Bowl

on Fri Nov 18, 2016 6:29 pm
Before I post the roster, take a second and look at the disparity in how many teams posted players in the playoffs. Maybe we made a mistake in welcoming illmatic back into the league.  Hmmm

But it's not a major surprise that the Super Bowl contenders placed the most players in the big game.  The Chiefs always have a sneaky talented roster as well.

GiantsE ManningQB 1ColtsA Luck
PackersA RodgersQB 2BillsT Taylor
BuccaneersJ WinstonQB 3PatriotsT Brady
VikingsA PetersonRB 1ChiefsJ Charles
GiantsR JenningsRB 2BroncosC Anderson
FalconsD FreemanRB 2RaidersC Ivory
PanthersM TolbertFB 1BuccaneersD Vitale
GiantsO Beckham JrWR 1ColtsT Hilton
FalconsJ JonesWR 2SteelersM Bryant
CardinalsL FitzgeraldWR 3ColtsD Moncrief
CowboysD BryantWR 4TitansT Sharpe
SaintsB CooksWR 5BillsS Watkins
PackersJ NelsonWR 6BroncosR Cooper
SeahawksJ GrahamTE 1PatriotsR Gronkowski
LionsE EbronTE 2ChiefsT Kelce
PackersJ CookTE 3DolphinsC Clay
CowboysT SmithLT 1BillsC Glenn
CardinalsJ VeldheerLT 2ChiefsE Fisher
GiantsJ PughLG 1ColtsJ Mewhort
RamsG ReynoldsLG 2BillsR Incognito
GiantsW RichburgC 1ColtsR Kelly
CowboysT FrederickC 2RaidersR Hudson
CowboysZ MartinRG 1ColtsH Thornton
PackersT LangRG 2BengalsK Zeitler
GiantsP LoadholtRT 1ColtsL Clark
GiantsM NewhouseRT 2ChiefsM Schwartz
GiantsJ Pierre-PaulLE 1BengalsC Dunlap
EaglesB GrahamLE 2DolphinsC Wake
GiatnsO VernonRE 1JetsS Richardson
RamsR QuinnRE 2TexansJ Watt
RamsA DonaldDT 1DolphinsN Suh
BuccaneersG McCoyDT 2RaidersD Williams
LionsA RobinsonDT 3RavensB Williams
FalconsC UpshawLOLB 1BroncosV Miller
BearsP McPheeLOLB 2ChiefsJ Houston
CardinalsD BucannonMLB 1SteelersR Shazier
BearsD TrevathanMLB 2DolphinsK Alonso
SeahawksK WrightROLB 1ChiefsT Hali
PackersC MatthewsROLB 2BrownsA Ayers
GiantsJ JenkinsCB 1PatriotsL Ryan
SeahawksR ShermanCB 2BroncosB Roby
GiantsL HallCB 3RavensJ Smith
CowboysB CarrCB 4JaguarsJ Ramsey
VikingsH SmithFS 1ChiefsR Parker
49ersE ReidFS 2RaidersR Nelson
SeahawksK ChancellorSS 1RaidersK Joseph
VikingsA SendejoSS 2ColtsM Farley
CowboysD BaileyKDolphinsS Suisham
RamsJ HekkerPBillsC Schmidt
VikingsC PattersonKRBillsM Goodwin
BuccaneersT HillPRBrownsA Hawkins

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