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Free Agency Mechanic Changes

on Sun Nov 06, 2016 8:56 pm
Not a whole lot has changed in the offseason in Madden this year.  But the one thing that received an overhaul is free agency.  Thankfully there are much smarter people with more free time than myself to compile all the info.


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Right there, in the bottom right corner you can see the major change. A point system instead of a bar representing "interest."  The point system is broken, as you know exactly where you stand with a player. Whoever offers the highest point offer gets the player.

The link above goes in much more detail. I'll provide the highlights.
The standard asking price for a free agent is about 80 points (31 for salary + 31 for bonus + 15 for length + whatever your team prestige is).
The best possible contract you can give is worth 212 points. You get points for each of the following categories:

Salary (max 93 points)
Bonus (max 93 points)
Length (max 15 points)
Prestige (max 11 points)

Increasing the salary you offer increases the points. But you have to scale your bonus with your salary increases to get the point benefit.

Increasing the bonus is a flat scale. If the FA asks for a $1 million bonus, offering $3 million gives you the most points. It doesn't help to go above that point, unless it helps with the Salary scaling.

Offering shorter deals lowers your points, longer deals do not help.

Prestige is based off your team record and coaching traits. The coach's Free Agent Bonus trait gives you a few extra points for the position.

The biggest risk the article points out is the ability to snipe a player right before advance if you're the admin advancing. I think it's a great point.  I'm not sure how best to handle it either.

- - Do we go on the honor system that I think has served us well in the past?
- - Do we handle bidding battles via the forum/discord? Post your bid points so we have a time stamp?
(Seriously, get Discord downloaded and join the AALoA server)
- - Or offer a 2 counter max? First user puts in a bid sets the price. If someone counters, then you have up to 2 more chances yourself to raise the price before you have to concede? That way we move through quickly and dissuade users from artificially raising the price too much, or constantly putting in a minimum bid.

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