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NCAA 11, 12, 14; Madden 15, 18 Champ
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So the graphic above isn't 100% accurate. But you can read below to see what is and isn't the same.  I will preface this by saying the Colts have been on an absolute roller coaster this year as they go from highest riser to furthest fall.

Highest RiserEagles +9 From 12 to 3
Furthest FallColts -5 From 10 to 15

1.)Browns15-1x--NikePrevious: #1 -- Sitting as King of the Hill, it has to be comforting to know the Browns hold their next nearest competitor's number, as the Steelers have been unable to solve them twice this year. Easy Super Bowl favorites.
2.)Steelers14-2SteelPitt16Previous: #2 -- You can't fault them for taking care of business and having one kryptonite. It's just unfortunate the kryptonite sits in the same division as the Steelers. Will they face off three times in a year?
3.)Eagles13-3x-ZydecajunPrevious: #12 -- Again surging up the rankings board, the Eagles are winners of 12 straight, after sitting at 1-3 to start the year. They are easily the hottest team in the league, as no other has won more than 4 straight (Dolphins) Will Zydecajun have the urge to stick around now?
4.)Bears13-3the_EDJPrevious: #3 -- The slip-up versus HTTR underlied a season where Zach Mettenberger led the 3rd scoring offense, and Kyle Fuller captained the 2nd least scored on defense. They'll be in any game they play. 
5.)Dolphins12-4Plusch24Previous: #5 -- A 4 game win streak makes the Dolphins the second hottest team in the league as Ryan Tannehill quietly, and I do mean quietly, had a runner-up MVP season.
6.)Redskins12-4mission-8-Previous: #4 -- A loss to the Iggles kept HTTR from securing home-field advantage throughout the playoffs. Are teams catching on to the sweep heavy scheme? And if so, can RGIII find the broad side of a barn to keep drives alive?
7.)Texans11-5YtBallaPrevious: #7 -- David Fales is indeed human. But Jadeveon Clowney and JJ Watt will have several feeling paranoid in the backfield. Having no DeAnder Hopkins and Arian Foster is detrimental to their playoff run.
8.)Seahawks11-5xBigSteve187xPrevious: #9 -- With no user teams to threaten them in the West, the Seahawks have shown up big in user games, handing the Browns their sole loss. But will Comcast intervene and ruin Steve's connection. Again?
9.)Cowboys11-5v-TRU-vPrevious: #6 -- Back to back losses to the end year leave several questions heading into the playoffs. Which team shows up Wild Card weekend? The juggernauts, or the pretenders? Dez Bryant, NFC WR of the Year has to be a factor.
10.)Vikings10-6GoingCommandoAZPrevious: #13 -- Too little, too late. 10-6 is often enough to get you in the NFC race. Then the NFC East happeneded. There's a lot to build on with Teddy, Diggs, and defensive stud in the making Eric Kendricks.
11.)Ravens9-7Thusk-Previous: #11 -- Is the offense a one-trick pony? Breshad Perriman is otherworldy, and won Joe "He's an ELITE QB Guys!" Flacco a MVP trophy. But that defense…they're not really stopping anyone.
12.)Chargers9-7LLxCoolxKPrevious: #8 -- The injury bug is a cruel and unforgiving whore. It seemed to get passed around San Diego all season. There's a lot of what if's to answer with this team, but they're never out of it.
13.)Titans7-8-1King_Hippo72Previous: #15 -- The future has to be bright with Mariota behind Center. Once the growing pains of a defense transitioning back to a 4-3 wear off, they will be fun to watch.
14.)Lions7-9PoskyPrevious: #14 -- Stafford has too many weapons to choose from, and Megatron has lost "it." Focusing on trolling with Ameer Abdullah has resulted in points, but at what cost?
15.)Colts6-10Capeman0623Previous: #10 -- It's been reported that fans are actually booing Andrew Luck at Lucas Oil stadium. The Oline is atrocious, and the Defense can't stop anyone.
16.)Buccaneers5-10-1adnalffejPrevious: #16 -- With 4 weeks to go in the year, the Buccs had a legitimate playoff chance if they could win the division. Then they lost three straight. Ouch. Jameis' offseason training should go a long way as he builds further chemistry with Mike Evans and Sefarian-Jenkins.
17.)Panthers9-7d-stylez260Previous: n/a -- Not gonna say much about a team that joined so late in the year.
18.)Bills7-9nourshakePrevious: n/a -- Not gonna say much about a team that joined so late in the year.
19.)Jaguars2-14PocketPassPrevious: n/a -- Not gonna say much about a team that joined so late in the year.
20.)Raiders1-15nickoftime780Previous: n/a -- Not gonna say much about a team that joined so late in the year.

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on Sat Oct 31, 2015 10:02 pmSteel Pitt
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Nice work with the Rankings.  Thank for the hard work.
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