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AALoA Madden Commish: the_EDJ
Madden co-commish: GoingCommandoAZ, King_Hippo72

Fortnite Commish: lArlstol, GRIZZ, the_EDJ

Destiny Commish: Tonethewellknown

NCAA 11, 12, 14; Madden 15, 18 Champ
NCAA 11, 12, 14; Madden 15, 18 Champ
Yards : 7594
Swagger : 37
LocationOmaha, NE
Fave NFL Team : Chicago Bears
Fave NCAA Team : Nebraska Cornhuskers

Halfway through the season and a picture is starting to clear up. 

The AFC appears to run through the North. The NFC might run through the East or North. But there's balance to be had. Six AFC teams sit in the Top 10, versus the four NFC users.

Highest Riser: Colts +5 From 18 to 10
Furthest Fall: Ravens -8 From 3 to 11

1.)Browns7-0x--NikePrevious: #2 -- Winning with less talent is always impressive. Nobody has scored more points than the Browns. Can they hold court without Manziel? The defense has let up the 2nd fewest points thus far.
2.)Steelers7-0SteelPitt16Previous: #1 -- How do you drop a spot when all you do is win, win, win? And that's with scoring the 2nd most points in the league. The defense ranks 6th in Points Allowed.
3.)Bears6-1the_EDJPrevious: #6 -- The Bears have the stingiest D in the league allowing the fewest points (102). The offense has found its rhythm coming in 4th in points scored. Mettenberger for MVP?
4.)Redskins6-1mission-8-Previous: #7 -- The Redskins are overachieving just as much as the Bears with a perceived lack of talent. 
5.)Dolphins6-1Plusch24Previous: #8 -- A 5 game win streak maintains their position above the Cowboys. Their PF vs PA margin is widening, which should show a mid season run is in order.
6.)Cowboys6-1v-TRU-vPrevious: #9 -- Paging TRU. You keep winning, and we still haven't heard a word from you. Are you over-achieving? Or just utilizing the Cowboys to their full potential?
7.)Texans5-3YtBallaPrevious: #5 -- David. Fales. Are you kidding me? A mass exodus of mid-season signings has gelled quickly, making this a scary team to watch.
8.)Chargers5-3LLxCoolxKPrevious: #4 -- That scary ass offnese will keep them in most games. Will the defense show up just enough to push them to the playoffs? The weak AFC West says yes.
9.)Seahawks5-3xBigSteve187xPrevious: #10 -- The Seahawks start fast, but the fearsome Legion of Boom has lost its edge, letting teams back into games late.
10.)Colts4-4Capeman0623Previous: #18 -- The Colts are quietly surging with 3 straight wins. The defense has a lot of holes to fill. But General Luck will always have the army prepared to put up a fight.
11.)Ravens4-4Thusk-Previous: #3 -- What an unfortunate midseason slide. Losers of 2 straight, there's plenty of time to rebound for a wildcard slot. But will school continue to get in the way of the young owner?
12.)Eagles4-3x-ZydecajunPrevious: #17 -- A likely lost nod to Zydecajun's Eagles as his copy of Madden might be going bye bye. It's a shame too because they're surging with 3 straight wins.
13.)Vikings4-3GoingCommandoAZPrevious: #14 -- A rough showing in Chicago raises questions. But maybe they can try some visual tricks to get AP envisioning the opposing defenses as his children.
14.)Lions3-5PoskyPrevious: #11 -- Losers of 3 straight, Stafford has too many weapons to choose from, and Megatron has lost "it." Focusing on trolling with Ameer Abdullah has resulted in points, but at what cost?
15.)Titans2-4-1King_Hippo72Previous: #15 -- Oh look, Hippo stayed in the same spot. Which isn't bad, but not good either. The defense is mainly to thank for the losing streak. The Titans are also playing really undisciplined football right now.
16.)Buccaneers2-4-1adnalffejPrevious: #16 -- Again, Jeff had the worst of welcomes to the league, facing longtime juggernauts Yt and mission early. Scoring the fewest points in the league means there's still upside with the towers of Jackson, Evans, and Sefarian-Jenkings.
17.)49ers1-7beachlife81Previous: #19 -- Still 2nd from last, the off-season of 49ers retirements and Harbaugh drama seams to have taken its toll. I'm sure the draft looks exciting right about now.
18.)Broncos1-6v-Apoc-vPrevious: #20 -- Peyton Manning is forcing the ball into windows that haven't been open for years. Can the Broncos adjust before they season is over, or will Peyton go down launching the ball.

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on Tue Oct 06, 2015 5:12 pmPosky
stafford has been out 5+ weeks...soo that hurts,lol.
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