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AALoA Madden Commish: the_EDJ
Madden co-commish: GoingCommandoAZ, King_Hippo72

Fortnite Commish: lArlstol, GRIZZ, the_EDJ

Destiny Commish: Tonethewellknown

NCAA 11, 12, 14; Madden 15, 18 Champ
NCAA 11, 12, 14; Madden 15, 18 Champ
Yards : 7622
Swagger : 37
LocationOmaha, NE
Fave NFL Team : Chicago Bears
Fave NCAA Team : Nebraska Cornhuskers
IGN8.0 / 10
Gamespot7.5 / 10
Joystiq3.5 / 5 Stars
GiantBomb3 / 5 Stars
Madden 12 was a very run-heavy game. A top RB masked a lot of weaknesses for teams, and it wasn't uncommon for teams to only throw the ball 10 times a game.  With that said, defensive showdowns were as likely as offensive shootouts. Every game had potential to be exciting.  Madden 12's weakness was in the exploitable AI.  Jump balls in the red zone were incredibly difficult to stop if a receiver with height and jump ability was posting up a smaller corner. Even worse was the ability to hot route a slant to the outside where man and zone coverage could not cover the receiver.  Try to user one side, and the offense could just throw it to the opposite side of the field.  Overall, the AALoA fielded a full league, and was incredibly active by most users.

Season 1
Season 1 Power Rankings:

Power RankingsUnranked
01.) Ravens (YtBalla)

Buccaneers (jacquito69)

Lions (King_Hippo72)
02.) Chiefs (illmatic216)

Chargers (k10trinh)

Rams (bignasty2992)
03.) Bears (the_EDJ)

Cowboys (MeanMrMustard9)

Redskins (juicebox2491)
04.) Broncos (SwitchBladeKilla)

Dolphins (shoots419)

Saints (mission-8-)
05.) Giants (Cougars79)

Falcons (PartTimeGoogus)

Seahawks (cheed85)
06.) Panthers (Capeman0623)

49ers (PhilliesSteve)

Steelers (SteelPitt16)
07.) Cardinals (eversole09)

Jaguars (DemonX5036)

Titans (Posky)
08.) Packers (Horsysauce)

Jets (SilentStriker09)

Vikings (GoingCommandoAZ)
09.) Patriots (d-stylez260)

10.) Bills (SquirrelHunter)

Season 1 Award Winners:

Award Winners
MVPDEJustin TuckGiants
OPotYRBMichael TurnerFalcons
DPotYDEJason HunterBroncos
R otYDECameron JordanSaints
ORotYTEJulius ThomasBroncos
DRotYCBJimmy SmithRavens
Season 1 Playoffs:

Wildcard Rd
Division Rd
Conf Champ
Super Bowl
Patriots vs Bills
Patriots vs Ravens
Jaguars vs Ravens
Ravens vs Cardinals
Broncos vs Jaguars
Jaguars vs Chiefs
Falcons vs Cardinals

Packers vs Giants
Falcons vs Bears

Falcons vs Panthers
Packers vs Cardinals

Bye Weeks





YtBalla goes undefeated in the regular season, and continues to wipe the floor with everyone in the playoffs.

Season 2
Season 2 Power Rankings:

Power Rankings
01.) Ravens (YtBalla)
02.) Bears (the_EDJ)
03.) Cowboys (MeanMrMustard9)
04.) Chiefs (illmatic216)
05.) Bills (SquirrelHunter)
06.) Saints (mission-8-)
07.) Steelers (SteelPitt16)
08.) Jaguars (DemonX5036)
09.) Panthers (Capeman0623)
10.) Vikings (GoingCommandoAZ)
Season 2 Playoffs:
Wildcard Round
Division Rd
Conf Champ
Super Bowl
Steelers vs Jaguars
Bills vs Chiefs
Chiefs vs Ravens
Chiefs vs Bears
Jets vs Bills
Steelers vs Ravens

Panthers vs Cardinals
Saints vs Cowboys
Saints vs Bears

Vikings vs Saints
Panthers vs Bears

Bye Weeks





Illmatic and his Chiefs backed into a Super Bowl birth thanks to shoddy EA programming that refused to let him play his game versus YtBalla's Ravens. The sim sent the Chiefs to the Super Bowl to face the Bears, and an epic game filled with heartbreak as the Bears rookie SS dropped a sure pick and faltered in coverage in key moments to keep Chief drives alive.

Season 3
Season 3 Power Rankings & MVP:

Power Rankings
01.) Browns (konemesis)
02.) Colts (YtBalla)
03.) Chiefs (illmatic216)
04.) Jets (SilentStriker09)
05.) Saints (mission-8-)
06.) Bears (the_EDJ)
07.) Falcons (PartTimeGoogus)
08.) Cowboys (MeanMrMustard)
09.) Jaguars (DemonX5136)
10.) Eagles (newt205)

MVP - QB Peyton Manning - Colts
Season 3 Playoffs:

Wildcard Round
Division Rd
Conf Champ
Super Bowl
Ravens vs Chiefs
Colts vs Jets
Colts vs Chiefs
Chiefs vs Saints
Jaguars vs Colts
Chiefs vs Browns

Vikings vs Cowboys
Seahawks vs Saints
Bears vs Saints

Falcons vs Seahawks
Vikings vs Bears

Bye Weeks





Illmatic earned the right to defend his Super Bowl title that he backed into a year ago. Mission put an end to those dreams thanks to absurd WRs and Cobie Ross, a god among men.

Season 4
The swan song of AALoA in Madden 12. The US as a whole experienced an incredibly warm winter. An early Spring warm-up showed everone out traveling, new jobs being accepted, and overall interest waned.  With only half a league, we combined everyone into the NFC to maximize user matchups. The NFC Conference Championship then became the Super Bowl, and GoingCommandoAZ was crowned the champion. This gave the league a 3 month break before Madden 13 would drop.

Madden 12 featured legendary players like RB Cobie Ross, who ended up on the Saints and helped mission-8- win a Super Bowl. One of the blockbuster trades included the Bears trading Jay Cutler to the 49ers for Colin Kaepernick and swapping 1st and 2nd round picks. "Kaep the Kid" lead Chicago to a Super Bowl appearance, losing to the Chiefs. The biggest drama in the league was the abuse of certain route combos and the dreaded slant to the outside.  Other owners also refused to monitor their cap space and had trouble accepting they couldn't trade their high priced players.  Madden 12 was a really good year despite EA's awful programming.

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on Sat Mar 28, 2015 8:43 amDemonX5136
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The Jaguars would grab themselves 80+ picks over the course of the first three seasons. I feel that should be noted. lol
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