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mission-8- -- Washington Redskins Empty mission-8- -- Washington Redskins

on Sat Aug 16, 2014 9:34 pm
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Post any scouting reports below. You don't have to write an essay, just a few notes go a long way. Of course, the more you share, the better. When posting a scouting report, please include:



Special Teams

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mission-8- -- Washington Redskins Empty Re: mission-8- -- Washington Redskins

on Sun Sep 07, 2014 10:42 am
Madden 17 -- Washington Redskins
Madden 16 -- Washington Redskins
Madden 15 -- Kansas City Chiefs:

@yoScotty wrote:Season 1

Jamal Charles are me up of pitches and sweeps and screens. He ran a few options with different qbs. He nickels and dimes you so you have to make every offensive possession count. Watch out for a boot play with 3 wrs out wide to one side. Can get the ball out before pressure gets to him. Only tried it deep once. pay attention to the underneath game.

coverage pressure. Houston is a beat off the block and his run D is tremendous.

Special Teams:
nothing to report on here
@the_EDJ wrote:Season 2: Week 17
The offense revolves around "Hakeem" Olajuwaun Murphey. Treat him like a taller (Only 6' 2") DeSean Jackson. He's very quick, but an incredibly polished route runner. Also, you can't press him. At all (99 Release). Mission's other receivers are all 6'5" or taller.

The key plays to look for are Angle Routes. It's borderline absurd (maybe 20% of passes). But if Murphey is in the slot (he's often packaged there) look for him to fake outside, then hook inside. Otherwise it might be the standard slot slant, TE angle.  Or watch Murphey go deep. Mission loves the deep ball.  If it's not going to Murphey, Hardin on an outside route, or his TE on an outside route are the reads. Very hard to stop.

When in bunches, beware the Verticals/Seattle plays with wheel routes. Or watch for a delayed spot concept with Murphey.

Very pass first offense, but Jamaal Charles is still a crazy good weapon . Has packaged plays to send Charles in motion and then send him deep hoping to spring Murphey or Charles. In the 2 RB Shotgun look, you have to be mindful of Charles on a quick screen from the motion, or Knile Davis on the screen going the opposite way, as well as the Triple Option. When Locker is in at QB, option is always a threat.

Brings several 3-4 looks. Likes to show blitz, but drop max zone behind it. When in the Nickel 1-5-5 Psycho look, it was either a Cover 2 zone, rushing only three, or a Cover 3 Sky, rushing three with a DB Blitz from the edge.

Often brings DB pressure from the edge (still not a blitz per se as only 4 guys are rushing), and my OLine refused to pick him up. If you anticipate a DB rush, make sure to slide your line, to give you a better chance to buy time.

You can catch him guessing on plays too where he tries to manually cover an "obvious" play from the formation only to open a huge area for you to attack.  But be quick, I had those plays set up and couldn't get the pass off due to crazy good pressure from a basic rush.

Blitzed very, very little. Mostly 3 or 4 man rushes. 

Special Teams:
Has a dangerous returner, it's best to punt out of bounds. Kick Returns didn't seem threatening, mainly right up the middle into defenders. Decent with the coffin corners, but can out-punt his coverage opening big return possibilities.
Madden 25 -- Kansas City Chiefs:

@illmatic717 wrote:
[mission-8- was the Redskins to start the year.]
Not much, if any read option but did run the speed option a few times. Likes to run with Morris who had a nice day VS me. Usually has both WRs on the same side of the field in 2WR sets. A little shaky passing but looks for Hankerson and Davis. Like the quick pas to the left in single coverage.

mix of zone and man. Didnt stop the run real well, users the FS usually. Read option was successful against him and shotgun runs in general to the RB. 

@Peyton's Adamantium Neck wrote:Offense:
Mostly ran 3+ WR sets. Also empties the backfield a lot. Has a money play out of 4WR/1HB set with Charles in the inside slot where he runs a delayed type of route that the AI refuses to even try to cover and he loves running that play any time he needs yards so gl stopping that crap. Other than that he loves passes to Charles on screens and everything else is over the middle. I only remember passes to Charles and Bowe in our game, he didn't throw to many other people. In the ground game runs exclusively outside with counters to take advantage of Charles speed. Runs Davis at FB in short yardage situations (his name might be something else, idr). When running with Charles, will run slant way and even backwards to manipulate the AI and avoid tackles. Must have really practiced a long time to learn how to do that, it works flawlessly. On a late punt return he even ran backwards with McCluster IIRC just to get an AI guy chasing him to dive and miss a tackle. He also subs in another QB to run the option. I wasn't paying attention all game and didn't even notice it wasn't Bray until late in the 4th when it showed running stats for some QB named Martinez I think? If #3 is in the game then watch for the QB option. I caught onto that on his last attempt and got him for a 6-7 yard loss IIRC.

Mostly ran man, mixed in some zone. Never seemed to blitz. Started controlling a safety but was a lineman most of the game. Makes good reads at safety but you can burn his coverage deep if you want. Will sometimes overmatch with dime or other pass coverage against run sets, can run against those with success. 

Only got off the one long punt return thanks to that running backwards stuff, I got off one KR TD on him and he started kicking high or out of bounds. If he is in position to, is great at coffin corner punting. Has McCluster on KR's so I corner kicked it every time, pinball'd around for one long return but was held around the 20 or so every other time.
Madden 13 -- Washington Redskins:

@illmatic717 wrote:Offense:
Didn't have too much of a run game with the RB but ran a lot with RG3. Almost always scrambled to the right when I would blitz. In 5 wide sets, and I think there's one in a 4WR set, his run audible is a QB Draw which can yield huge yardage. I tried to blitz a lot because RG3 burned my QB Spy and it worked well for me. Gotta make Rg3 beat you with his arm downfield. Also seemed to look for Garcon as first read.

Users the safety and was in man most of the time. Not a ton of blitzes on passing downs. Tough to find guys open. Shotgun draws were the only runs that worked for me. Redzone defense is very good.
@the_EDJ wrote:OFFENSE:
RGIII is a monster. Both in support and detriment to the Redskins. Freakishly fast, I'd never played him before and he scared me on every play. I expected him to be fast, but it's really hard to react to how fast he truly is. He can place the ball anywhere on the field, but can also miss badly. Very inconsistent. In the run game it was stretches to the strong side of the formation. Very little creativity in running up the middle or any other runs except for the occasional read option. Would prefer things get mixed up some more. RGIII on a QB draw is lethal. Passing game was all over the place. Didn't recognize a favorite receiver. Hard to pin anything down.

Pressure. Pressure. PRESSURE! Mission's D will blitz from anywhere at any time. Will build on that to show blitz to bait you into a quick throw into max coverage. Users the safety all over the field. You can play off that tendency and can get him to over-pursue or chase a decoy route to open up throws down the the field.

Repeat after me, "Call fair catch, call fair catch!" He will punt sky high. Don't risk it, you'll get popped with a forced fumble. Nothing else to note.
Madden 12 -- New Orleans Saints:

@CharlieConway-96 wrote:Offense-
Decently balanced between the run and pass. He will run on 1st and 2nd down for the most part which makes him somewhat predictable. He likes to dump it off to the rb or routes over the middle in front of the middle linebacker. He also likes flag routes to Jimmy Graham. Forces a lot of passes just have to be able to capitalize unlike myself.

From what I could tell he likes going man to man. Uses the linemen to get pressure on the qb so slants are usually open since he doesnt use a spy over the middle. The run didn't really work since he clogs the middle with a fatty on the line, but then again I use the colts.

Special teams-
Didn't fair catch a punt which resulted in a fumble. Also he returns kickoffs which can help opponents with bad starting field position.
@the_EDJ wrote:Season 2: Week 15
Aggravatingly balanced. Lives in 1 TE 1 FB sets and will run or pass out of it on any down. Almost refuses it to pass it deep. Instead loves the short routes, crossing routes, and the like. Very happy to just check it down to Ross in the flats.
Only ran 4+ WR once in our game. Usually 3 WR or less. Likes to bring Ross out of the backfield and line him up in the slot. Good luck covering him, he's just as lethal as a receiver.

Pounce on the short routes and you'll have success. He will lock on to his first target and wait for him to get open. Only checks off if you leave a route wide open.

Stopping the run is another issue. He has Cobie Ross, and it's just not fair. Good luck with that. He runs inside and out. Pitches, Dives, Blasts, Powers, and Counters. You're boned.

Plays a ton more zone than man. If you switch your spread sets around, his Nickelback will often be on the other side of the field. Problem is Sedrick Ellis is ridiculously unblockable. And way faster than his ratings indicate.

Brings a fair amount of pressure too. I had trouble blocking him for more than 1 second. IF you get protection, go deep where he's vulnerable. Switches between D-line and LB control. Pretty decent at reading the runs and preventing cutbacks to make plays.

Special Teams:
Kicker and Punter have cannons. You're most likely better off just fair catching punts. He gets more hang time than I've ever seen and I fumbled a Punt not realizing the ball was never coming down. That was the difference in our game. Damn.
@illmatic717 wrote:Offense:
Got away from run game earlier than I am sure he wanted. Looked to break Cobie outside. I blitzed a ton and really tried to force Cobie inside and get him for lost yardage. Comes out in a lot of sets with 2 TE on one side and the WRs on the other. Almost always ran strong side, ran a few tosses or sweeps too. My advice is just blitz and take your chances on 1-on-1 coverage cause Cobie in the open field is unstoppable. Tried quite a few screens, some out of run formations and one went 84 yards for a TD. Threw a lot of deep balls, probably because I was blitzing a lot and he had 1-on-1 coverages. Runs a lot of 2TE sets.

Controls a DT most of the time which allows for quick throws. Hold the ball and youre done. Seemed like more man than zone. Didn't stop the run well. If you can get past his user DT you can have run success. Singleback formations worked best for me on runs that were fast developing likes dives. A few sweeps also had success.
>> Madden 11 -- Washington Redskins

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