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NCAA 11, 12, 14; Madden 15, 18 Champ
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on Fri Aug 15, 2014 3:10 pm
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There's a little game you need to play. It's hilarious, fun, and challenging, with many hours of gameplay. I picked this up on the Steam Summer Sale and have loved every minute of it.  It's good enough that I'd consider buying it again on Playstation just to take it with me when I don't have my computer. 

The game features perma-death. Basically, when your character dies, they're gone forever.  You go back to the title screen and choose a new character that is your descendant.  You then take all the gold you found on your last playthrough and buy upgrades to skills and attributes, class upgrades, equipment, and special rune abilities. Rinse and repeat. Every time you start again, the entire layout is reset and procedurally generated.

What sets your new characters apart are hereditary traits.  Most have positive or negative effects, and some traits do nothing.  You can be colorblind, and have to play in black and white, or nostalgic and have the old olive green/gray tint.  Your character can have Tourette's and curse every time they get hit. There's dyslexia and reading is hard. Gigantism, dwarfism, perma-roided, weak, ADHD (you move really fast), near-sighted, far-sighted, Alzheimer's, vertigo, and more. It's great. On one playthrough, my character had dementia. Going through the castle there were enemies on screen that I couldn't strike, and they couldn't harm me. Because of the dementia, I was seeing things that weren't there. So good.

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