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AALoA Madden Commish: the_EDJ
Madden co-commish: GoingCommandoAZ, King_Hippo72

Fortnite Commish: lArlstol, GRIZZ, the_EDJ

Destiny Commish: Tonethewellknown

NCAA 11, 12, 14; Madden 15, 18 Champ
NCAA 11, 12, 14; Madden 15, 18 Champ
Yards : 7633
Swagger : 37
LocationOmaha, NE
Fave NFL Team : Chicago Bears
Fave NCAA Team : Nebraska Cornhuskers
GameSpot - 8.0 / 10
Joystiq - 4 / 5 Stars
IGN - 8.0 / 10

Madden NFL 11 was the first AALoA Madden franchise.  We started on a different forum (AALoA Invisionfree) and switched to the current Forumotion setup we use now.  The biggest issues with Madden 11 was the poor online franchise setup with no player salaries, so we had to rely on League Manger to offer something to cap teams and introduce parity.

Most active members: MeanMrMustard, k10trinh, Cougars79, Plusch24, King_Hippo72, GoingCommandoAZ, SquirrelHunter, SteelPitt16, Posky
Other Key Members: HORSYSAUCE, kob42141, YtBalla, mission8, Capeman0623, jacquito69, PartTimeGoogus, d-stylez260, newt205, mjp418, questforname, shoots419, keg_stand_man, DaddyWarBucks

Season 1: Lost to the ages?

Season 2:
Week 1 Cold-Blooded Killer: Eagles QB Michael Vick | 10/13 Passing for 303 yards and 4 TDs.

Week 2 CBK: Vikings RB Adrian Peterson | 23 Carries for 237 Yards and 2 TDs.
Week 2 CBK: Seahawks QB Charlie Whitehurst | 21/34 Passing for 298 Yards and 4 TDs.
Week 2 Where Did It All Go Wrong Double Take aka the Alex Smith Award: Bears RB Matt Forte 12 Carries for 15 Yards.

Week 3 CBK: Patriots QB Tom Brady | 18/23 for 452 Yards and 7 TDs.
Week 3 CBK: Packers QB Aaron Rodgers | 10/21 for 272 yards and 3 TDs.
Week 3 CBK: Bears QB Jay Cutler | 9/12 for 191 yards and 3 TDs.
Week 3 ASA: Buccaneers QB Josh Freeman | 9/25 passing and 5 INTs.
Week 3 ASA: Packers RBs Ryan Grant and Darren Sproles | 6 carries, 7 yards combined.

Week 4 CBK: Chargers Three-Head Monster (QB Rivers, RB Mathews, TE Gates) | Rivers was 18/24 for 301 Yards and 3 TDs. Mathews went 12 for 131 Yards and 3 TDs, and Gates was 9 for 160 yards and 2 TDs.
Week 4 CBK: Rams CB Dominique Foxworth | 3 Tackles and 3 INTs.
Week 4 ASA: Panthers QB Jimmy Clausen and Buccaneers QB Josh Freeman | Combined 15/39 for 297 yards, 4 INTs, and 2 TDs.

Week 5 CBK: Vikings Defense | 6 Sacks, 1 INT, 2 Forced Fumbles
Week 5 CBK: Colts QB Peyton Manning | 16/19 for 361 Yards and 2 TDs
Week 5 ASA: Chiefs QB Donovan McNabb | 8/15 for 82 Yards and 1 INT

Week 6 CBK: Saints QB Drew Brees | 15/19 for 359 Yards and 3 TDs
Week 6 CBK: Panthers WR Steve Smith | 6 Receptions for 142 Yards and 1 TD
Week 6 CBK: Chargers RB Ryan Mathews | 20 for 285 and 4 TDs
Week 6 ASA: Chiefs Lions RB Jahvid Best | 7 for 9 Yards and 1 TD. Longest Carry was 7 Yards.

Week 7 CBK: Chargers QB Philip Rivers, RB Ryan Mathews, WR Riley Cooper, TE Antonio Gates | No stats Given
Week 7 ASA: Cowboys K David Buehler | 1/3 on FGs

Week 8 CBK: Giants WR Aaron Scott | 7 Receptions for 166 Yards and 2 TDs
Week 8 CBK: Falcons QB Matt Ryan | 314 Yards and 4 TDs
Week 8 ASA: Titans QB Vince Young | 5 INTs

Week 9 CBK: Bears KR Devin Hester | 2 Return TDs
Week 9 CBK: Browns QB Colt McCoy | Perfect QB Rating

Week 10 CBK: Panthers QB Jimmy Clausen | 12/19 for 277 Yards, 4 TDs, 1 INT
Week 10 CBK: Colts DE Robert Mathis | 4 Tackles, 2 Sacks, 1 Forced Fumble
Week 10 ASA: Giants QB Eli Manning, RB Brandon Jacobs, RB Ahmad Bradshaw | 14 Carries for 1 Yard and 2 TDs.

Week 11 CBK: Browns MLB D’Qwell Jackson | 7 Tackles, 1 Sack, 1 INT
Week 11 ASA: Steelers TE Heath Miller, FB Dan Kreider, HB Rashard Mendenhall | Only players with receptions, not a single WR grabbed a ball.
Week 11 ASA: Ravens QB Joe Flacco | 8/30 passing and 4 INTs

Week 12: Nothing
Week 13: Nothing
Week 14: Nothing

Week 15 CBK: Patriots QB Tom Brady | 11/18 for 288 Yards, 6 TDs, and 1 INT
Week 15 CBK: Patriots Defese | 7 INTs and 2 Sacks
Week 15 ASA: Giants QB Eli Manning | 18/30 passing for 3 TDs and 7 INTs

Week 16: Nothing
Week 17: Nothing

Regular Season Power Rankings (via LeagueManager)
01.) Chicago Bears
02.) Carolina Panthers
03.) Oakland Raiders
04.) Indianapolis Colts
05.) Denver Broncos
06.) New England Patriots
07.) Philadelphia Eagles
08.) San Diego Chargers
09.) San Francisco 49ers
10.) Cincinnati Bengals
11.) Dallas Cowboys
12.) Green Bay Packers
13.) New York Giants
14.) Pittsburgh Steelers
15.) Detroit Lions
16.) New Orleans Saints
17.) Atlanta Falcons
18.) Cleveland Browns
19.) Minnesota Vikings
20.) St. Louis Rams
21.) Houston Texans
22.) Tennessee Titans CPU
23.) Washington Redskins
24.) Seattle Seahawks CPU
25.) Baltimore Ravens
26.) Miami Dolphins CPU
27.) Kansas City Chiefs CPU
28.) New York Jets
29.) Tampa Bay Buccaneers
30.) Arizona Cardinals CPU
31.) Buffalo Bills CPU
32.) Jacksonville Jaguars CPU

Playoffs: Wildcard Round

Chargers vs Patriots
Giants vs Eagles
Raiders vs Steelers
Cowboys vs 49ers
Bye: Colts, Panthers, Broncos, Bears

Playoffs: Divisional Round

Chargers vs Broncos
49ers vs Panthers
Raiders vs Colts
Eagles vs Bears

Playoffs: Conference Championship Round

Broncos vs Raiders
Panthers vs Eagles

Super Bowl
Broncos vs Eagles

Super Bowl Winner: Philadelphia Eagles (ChampJezusBailey)

Season 3
*We had to balance the league and swap rosters. The Eagles and Bills swapped rosters adding a user team to the AFC East.

Week 1 CBK: Broncos CB Champ Bailey
Week 1 CBK: Giants WR Aaron Scott
Week 1 CBK: Jets RB Shonn Greene
Week 1 Sexy Rexy Award – The Ball Looked So Good Falling Into the Defender’s Hands: Browns QB Colt McCoy
Week 1 Sexy Rexy Award: Lions QB Matthew Stafford

Week 2 Missing?
Week 2 did provide this:
Season 3: Week 2 Post by Going Commando wrote:
the_EDJ @ Mar 1 2011, 12:56 AM) wrote:
Vikings 24
Bears 21

Quirky game that went down to the wire.  Chicago opened with the ball, drove all the way down the field to the 17 yard line so that Jared Allen could go unblocked and force a fumble that stone footed Chad Greenway could return.  Honestly, my LT didn't touch a single player.  The term Horseshit was muttered by both owners throughout this game.  The Bears got the raw end of the deal though.

Chicago's offense had already proven able to pick the Vikings apart, so Madden allows a diving Safety to swat the ball to the ground.  But oh no, the ball can just float above the ground waiting for who else but Greenway to intercept it.  Minnesota's drive stalled, and Longwell came up short, so Devin Hester returned the missed field goal 100 yards for a TD, never seen that before in Madden, usually lineman get freakishly fast to defend.  Minnesota's drive stalled, and Chicago was in business again.  Similar to the lagtastic Double X snap and lob, Cutler would drop back, find Greg Olsen beating the safety on his route, and Cutler would unwind to throw an 8 yard jump ball.  What?  Easy pick for Winfield of the Vikings.  Olsen didn't have a chance.  No lag was present on the play, the ball just wanted to float in the air for a while.  Horseshit.

The Vikings produced their only great offensive drive for the game to go up 14-7.  Playing it smart, the Vikings squibbed the ball to prevent a return.  It was easily fielded by TE Craig Stevens, and despite holding the R1 button, Stevens drops it for Minnesota to recover.  Two plays later though, D.J. Moore would pick off Neckbeard.  With 20 seconds before the half, Johnny Knox took a short pass and was off to the races, but the Vikings's slower corner had a really good pursuit angle and stopped him just short of the end zone. bleh

To open the 2nd half, the Bears defense went into Prevent mode.  If Minnesota wanted to run, Chicago's Linebackers were 10 yards off the line of scrimmage, no joke.  Blitzing, man coverage, or zone, my LB's refused to step up.  Result on 3rd and short...a 12 yard FB Dive.  Wow.  Longwell would finally get a field goal out of it.  Chicago's offense was once again up to the task and would answer.  Jay Cutler dumped off a pass to Matt Forte who went 55 yards for a TD.  To follow that up, Tyrell Johnson picked off his former teammates with a huge return.  Neckbeard forced the ball right into 3 Bears defenders.  Chicago was surging, just in time too because they would fumble for the 3rd time in the game.  Hester juked his defender out of the shoes.  The game went into the long animation showing him dramatically break the tackle, then boom, the red fumble banner came on the screen.  The same CB who was on the ground with no shoes on, would scoop and score.

Operating the 2 minute drill, Cutler would get knocked out of the game with an arm injury.  Which is funny because he was barely hit, yet Julius Peppers demolished Orton and he's only out a couple plays with cramps.  Really?  Hanie would connect with Knox from 25 yards out, and instead of the onside kick, Chicago opted to kick it deep and pray for a stop with their 3 time outs.

An impatient Vikings team pounded the ball with no issues.  Peterson would step right and just take off to the outside left before I could even switch a player.  2 first downs later, and they came out in the victory formation.  Chicago used TO #1.  Peterson would get stuffed for a loss.  TO #2.  Yet another big AP gain, but not enough for a first.  TO #3.  The Vikings punt, and the ball grazes the pylon for a touchback.

Rifle-arm Caleb Hanie had a miraculous 45 seconds to work with and no timeouts.  First two passes are incompletions, with the balls hitting receivers in the hands and promptly dropping it.  3rd and 10, Hanie connects deep, but the receiver was in bounds.  The Bears would spike it at their own 43 with 9 seconds left.  With only one play available to get in field goal range and get out of bounds, the Vikings defense came out and completely befuddled the Bears.  Panicking, Hanie went deep, incomplete.  With 4 seconds left, Hanie would float the ball to the 3 yard line where neither Bear player could catch the deflection.  Game goes to the Vikings.

Haha, just messin man. The guys I picked up this offseason are big hitters and the hit stick seemed to pay off for me. The Almighty Madden Gods did seem to have a predefined destiny already in place though.
@GoingCommandoAZ wrote:
Mr.Mustard wrote:
SquirrelHunter @ Mar 1 2011, 11:16 PM wrote:
jeez commando you were THAT excited about beating edj?
Hey, I don't judge you and I'd appreciate the same courtesy.
@GoingCommandoAZ wrote:
@the_EDJ wrote:
Mr.Mustard @ Mar 2 2011, 04:50 PM wrote:
There should be a weekly Kleenex award for the most.. erm.. "exciting" victory.
And all I can think of now is, "I just ate a grape and I JIZZED IN MY PANTS!"

Music Video
We should totally have a Kleenex win of the week...

"This weeks Kleenex Win of the Week is brought to you by Kleenex, helping single guys "clean up" since 1924..."

Week 3 CBK: Packers QB Aaron Rodgers
Week 3 SRA: Lions QB Matthew Stafford

Week 4 CBK: Buccaneers RB C.J. Spiller
Week 4 CBK: Bengals QB Carson Palmer
Week 4 SRA: Ravens QB Booker Homan

Week 5 CBK: Texans WR Andre Johnson
Week 5 SRA: Jets RB Shonn Greene

Week 6 CBK: Vikings RB Adrian Peterson
Week 6 SRA: Cowboys QB Tony Romo

Week 7 CBK: Cowboys QB Tony Romo
Week 7 SRA: Madden Gods

Week 8: Nothing

Week 9 CBK: Chargers QB Philip Rivers, WR Bernard Berrian
Week 9 CBK: VCU Men’s Basketball Coach Shaka Smart
Week 9 Kansas Jayhawks Award. VC-Who?: Kansas Jayhawks March Madness Loss

Week 10 CBK: Vikings RB Adrian Peterson
Week 10 CBK: Chicago Bears Pick ‘em (Forte, Hester, CB Jennings, Peppers)
Week 10 KJA VC-Who: Giants QB Eli Manning

Week 11 CBK: Bills MLB Kierre Roberson
Week 11 CBK: Packers QB Aaron Rodgers
Week 11 CBK: Packers OLB Clay Matthews
Week 11 CBK: Broncos FS Darcel McBath
Week 11 Offensive Moniker for Award of Poor Performance: Lions QB Jamarcus Austin

Week 12: Nothing
Week 13: Nothing
Week 14: Nothing
Week 15: Nothing
Week 16: Nothing
Week 17: Nothing

Playoffs: Wildcard Round

Steelers vs Bills
Cowboys vs Redskins
Chargers vs Texans
Bears vs Buccaneers
Bye Week: Packers, 49ers, Bengals, Broncos

Playoffs: Divisional Round

Bears vs 49ers
Steelers vs Bengals
Redskins vs Packers
Chargers vs Broncos

Playoffs: Conference Championships

Chargers vs Bengals
49ers vs Packers

Super Bowl

Chargers vs Packers

Super Bowl Winner: Packers (bruno4132)

Season 4
Ended early in July around Week 10 or so.

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on Sat Mar 28, 2015 4:14 amKen
Wait, I actually made the Superbowl? the playoffs?!?
on Sat Mar 28, 2015 7:14 amthe_EDJ
Yep. You seemingly lost only posting that you were headed back to the drawing board, but you were the AFC Representative in the Super Bowl after the PSN hack was resolved.  The old AALoA forum is still technically up and running, I just don't remember the password to log in and get rid of the chat box.

Old AALoA Forum Thread - Madden 11 - Season 3 Super Bowl
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