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Online League Rules

on Tue Apr 29, 2014 8:24 pm
The Franchise will be run in a sim style manner that we've defined. In this way, it is expected that all players conduct themselves in a manner that makes the game fun, fair, and challenging for both parties involved. Lobby strategies that focus on winning at all costs is not tolerated. The primary goal, for participating this league is to have fun, and dive deep into a full Franchise experience with coaching, scouting, ownership, etc.  We all know that some of the cheap lobby tactics that take advantage of the CPU AI or just display poor sportsmanship can quickly turn playing the game into an unpleasant hour of gaming. The rules/guidelines are not here to make people feel restricted or confined in their game play but more so ensure that the hour you spend playing is enjoyable in victory or defeat. Respect your opponent.

Difficulty Level - TBD
Injuries - On 
Fatigue - On 
Sliders - TBD (will be close to default, but the AI will attempt to be balanced, but tough)
Quick Counts - CPU Games
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