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Corn Nation: Spring Games

on Tue Nov 26, 2013 11:06 pm
Season 3 Preview
As fans tunneled out of Memorial Stadium, they witnessed a lot of change in the Scarlet and Cream. Some good, some bad. But mostly good.

Rising Star
Ending last season, Terrell Newby sat 4th on the depth chart. Entering the summer, Newby has staked his claim as the lead back, boosting his athletic ratings to 94 speed, 95 agility, and 97 acceleration.  Two years ago, Newby drew the short straw, having to red-shirt and watch fellow recruit Adam Taylor player 3rd RB all season. The patience obviously paid off. The projected starting RB, Imani Cross has performed great in camp to boot, and still finds himself 3rd on the depth chart, as a senior.

vsQB Controversery
Tommy Armstrong is the incumbent QB, with a lot of questions to answer. Bobby Hale is the backup drawing rave reviews. Whereas Armstrong is more athletic now, and the more accurate passer, he possesses a concussion history that worries his mom and coaches. Part of the problem is Armstrong's long, Tebow-esque delivery. Hale is less accurate, but his compact delivery mechanics are allowing him to get the ball out quicker, and on time. This battle may last all season.

vsReceiver Depth Chart Scramble Drill
The loss of Kenny Bell and Jamal Turner has proven to be a major blow to this group. Westerkamp, the new top dog still catches everything in sight. However, projected #2 WR Taariq Allen is having issues holding on to the ball, even when wide open. Alonzo Moore has locked down the #3, slot spot for the team. The surprise is the stone-footed Trevell Dixon that has caught passes every day in practice that he shouldn't have any business catching. Exiting camp, Dixon has supplanted Allen. The more athletic Allen is going to have to earn his #2 spot back.

In other shocking news, the TE have had a furious battle all spring. Last year, then Freshman, Cethan Carter started the entire season at #1 TE. This spring, upper-classmen Sam Cotton and Greg Hart have stolen the top 2 spots, and Carter is sitting third. The 99 Awr for both Cotton and Hart certainly helps.  Carter will still have his own packages, but will have to fight hard to see the field.

This unit is stacked. The nation's returning sack leader, freshman all-american David Busch, was issued a challenge by Brad Golden, who red-shirted a year ago when drawing the short straw (common theme?). So far in camp, Golden has been out-performing Busch from the more difficult RE spot. LB is stacked, only losing 1 player who under-performed. Jared Afalava and his 92 speed and 93 acceleration will man that open spot. Afalava is faster than all but 3 secondary members. The secondary has a huge influx of speed at the safety spot, allowing the unit to be able to play the more physical safeties one on one with opposing WRs. muahahahaha (Seriously though, this defense is kicking my ass in practice)

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Re: Corn Nation: Spring Games

on Wed Nov 27, 2013 6:40 am
Nice write up.  It sounds like it should be another exciting and ultra-competitive season in the Big Ten West.

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