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Pro Rookie
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Alabama Crimson Tide

on Wed Oct 02, 2013 5:32 am
Use this thread to post a scouting report about the user in the subject line. Use the format below to add insight into the user's play on Offense, Defense and Special Teams. Remember, this isn't to be used as a place to put users on blast or start a flame war. If you have any real concerns with the user's gameplay as it pertains to the rules and spirit of the league then address those through PM with the commissioner.



Steel Pitt
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NCAA 11, 13, 14 BCS Champ
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Re: Alabama Crimson Tide

on Wed Oct 02, 2013 9:21 am
Truth_n_Babylon wrote:OFFENSE

Spread offense. All plays were out of shotgun. Employs a 2-QB system. Sims is more of a running threat than Morris. Morris seems to be the more accurate QB. His favorite target is his TE and will usually looking for him on 3rd downs. He likes to throw to his RBs also. If his RB goes in motion while he's in a split shotgun formation keep an eye on him because he's going to be looking to throw to him


Base 3-4. Nothing out of the ordinary. Very disciplined players. They always stayed home against the QB and made me try to beat him with inside runs. Didn't really need to come out of his base defense against my offense. Favors man coverage on 3rd down.


Would never attempt to return a kickoff. Fair catches in the endzone everytime. Other than that nothing to report here.

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Grizzled Veteran
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Re: Alabama Crimson Tide

on Sun Oct 13, 2013 5:07 pm

Had a very different experience than Truth. Bama's line was destroying my front four, so he took advantage, and ran it down my throat pretty much the entire game. Had a lot of success on inside handoffs, and at running triple option to the weak side. Threw the ball very rarely -- pretty much only when I was blitzing. His running back was his favorite target.


Stacks the box frequently. Got good pressure on the QB all game. You can beat him with vertical passing if you have time to throw. Watch out for his corners, though. They jump routes on you if you're not careful. Read options were pretty ineffective against him.


Nothing of note.
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Re: Alabama Crimson Tide

on Fri Jan 03, 2014 1:52 am
Gives you different looks. A number of twins or trips calls to get your D out of alignment to try and force your hand at showing coverage I'm guessing.  A ton of slants and crossing routes. Loved quick routes to the TE who seemed uncoverable whether I had a LB, Safety, or CB on him. Even threw into coverage for easy completions. That's either luck, or just a better rated team. Who knows.  Truth mentioned the 2 QB system. I saw the same thing. Even QB aggressive didn't stop the QB from breaking a big run.

If you see the QB hot route, it's probably a hitch or comeback route to the outside. Hot routed the RB to an out route on screen passes. I call lobby BS on that. Also had the TE on a slant on a screen or two.

Only used no huddle early in the game in instances when he saw a matchup he liked. However, late in the game with a lead went no huddle to put another score on the board to put the game away.

Blitz. Blitz. Blitz.
I somehow reach the red zone, so I see a 2 DLine rush with max coverage. Gets pressure with two guys, so of course I throw a pick.
Blitz. Blitz. Blitz. 2 OLBs and a SS had sacks, and a DT had a sack as well. Showed a lot of different blitz looks.

I couldn't run the ball to save my life. His D just was everywhere. Had no time to pass either. So many blockers just whiffed on people. Oy.

His weakest link. Missed a FG. Kicker must have accuracy issues because the ball was always hooking or slicing.
Punt returner bobbled a ball for a turnover.

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