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Nebraska Cornhuskers

on Sat Aug 10, 2013 8:07 pm
Use this thread to post a scouting report about the user in the subject line.  Use the format below to add insight into the user's play on Offense, Defense and Special Teams.  Remember, this isn't to be used as a place to put users on blast or start a flame war.  If you have any real concerns with the user's gameplay as it pertains to the rules and spirit of the league then address those through PM with the commissioner.




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Re: Nebraska Cornhuskers

on Tue Oct 01, 2013 9:13 am

Good luck. I'm fairly sure Taylor Martinez just put on a jersey that says Armstrong, because his new QB gashed me for 100+ yards. In an earlier disconnect, he ripped off a 60 or 70 yard run with him. He seemed to like to roll out to the right more often than the left, but that may have been my imagination.

Other tendencies ... runs more than he passes, but he's lethal with both. Armstrong had a 78% completion, although many were dump offs that didn't go for much, so I was always happier to have him passing than running the ball -- as long as the play didn't break down and Armstrong got out in space.


Users players all over the field. Sometimes he'll fake one way with a DB, then drop back into a zone to take something else away. Really have to be patient in the passing game against him. On the run side, I probably should've given up after the first quarter. Every single run was destroyed within a yard or two of the line of scrimmage by his d-line. They shed blocks like crazy just when you think you have a hole.


Ugh. Don't punt to him. Just don't do it. If you do, don't out-kick your coverage like I did.

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Re: Nebraska Cornhuskers

on Fri Jan 03, 2014 11:06 am

Went no huddle for most of the game and initially tried to establish the run inside. Did not vary formations a lot and went to a lot of 3WR and 4WR sets when the run game didn't take off. Setting Option settings to QB aggressive takes away the QB keeper and with patience you can bottle up the inside zone read handoffs. 

Likes to dink and dunk when passing as he had at least 8 different receivers catch passes. Only went over the top to stretch the pass defense a couple of times. If you can take away the run game, the best thing to do seems to be to vary defensive formations/fronts, dial up pressure at the right time (don't send more than 5) from a variety of angles, and vary coverages. Seems to cause him to hold the ball too long when passing or forcing passes into coverage. 


Played a lot of single high safety zone looks which either fell back into some sort of Cover 2 or 3. Played zone pretty much most of the game. Passing to inside receivers and RBs really disrupts his zone defense. Varying formations helps to tip his hand on what coverage he's playing so be prepared to make hot route adjustments to take advantage of what you see. Responded to hurry up offense by playing press man more than zone against 4 wr and 3wr sets. Slot CBs didn't handle man well. 

Played QB aggressive to force the hand off on zone plays, but you can run the ball when he has two safeties high and if you stay patient and follow your blocks. You have to run the ball to keep him honest to help you stay out of predictable play calling. Likes to user MLB in run support and to help cover the middle of the field on passes. 

Special Teams

Returned most kicks that weren't out of the end zone and tries to cut hard left to break the return down the sideline. Watch the direction he moves his blocker right before he catches the kickoff to know where he's going to cut. 

When he punts he likes to angle them towards the sideline and kick hard and low. Ate up my PR for a muffed punt on his first punt doing that and pinned me inside the five on another.
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Re: Nebraska Cornhuskers

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