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Madden 16 Super Bowl Champ
Madden 16 Super Bowl Champ
Yards : 975
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Fave NFL Team : Miami Dolphins
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Replacement Refs sited at the Lions vs. Bears game

on Tue Oct 09, 2012 9:36 pm
Bears elect to kick and the Lions get the ball on a kickoff
1st Quarter
Great punt. On to the 20yard line for Matt Stafford and his high powered offense, On a 2nd and 5 Matt Stafford hot routes his WRs' and tells his young STUD Deonte Thompson to go long, and go long he went, 80Yard TOUCHDOWN LIONS! After a Bears three and out the Lions get the ball back and on a down right retarded ass pass by Stafford trying to force it to Brandon Gibson Sherrick Morris of the Bears reads the throw and picks it off and takes it to the house from the 20 yard line.
2nd Quarter
7-7Tie pretty evenly matched so far. Lions drive it up the field off the Legs of young STUD Mikel Leshoure and the savy passer Matt Stafford, and get to the Red Zone, and could not score, which pissed off Coach Jack Meehof"It's the fucking redzone we dont want 3 fucking points, it's like having sex with the Kardashians it's not an accomplishment anyone can fuck those sluts and it's down right nasty!"10-7 Lions, the Bears recieve the ball and with the Speedster Hester waiting for the kick he got great field position and Cutler drives it up the fiels and gets the ball to the 20 and throws it to his BFF Brandon Marshall TOUCHDOWN BEARS! 10-14 Bears, on the play that was blown by one of the most notable ref's of the NFL, Devin Hester on a punt fair catches it,or it seems to the everyone except Devin Hester and he blows past the special teams of the Lions who were baffled on what he was doing TOUCHDOWN BEARS?. 10-21 Bears" You might recognize him from the picture didnt know how to put pic in so heres a link :),r:0,s:0,i:73&tx=112&ty=81 , the Lions after the baffled call looked to try and get some type of momentum, and momentum they did get with another long bomb by stafford to Deonte Thompson TOUCHDOWN LIONS!
3rd Quarter
After a 3 and out by the Bears the Lions get the ball and rush down the field and get to the redzone and again had to settle for 3points dubbed as"The Kardashian"to his football team by Coach Jack Meehof 20-21Bears.The Bears get the ball back and Devin Hester on a real kick return ran past the special teams of the Lions and got his 2nd Touchdown of the day TOUCHDOWN BEARS!28-20Bears.
4th Quarter
The Lions get the ball, after another 3 and out, they drive it down the field get to the 6yard line, and go to there All-Pro Reciever Calvin Johonson with a 6yard Touchdown catch TOUCHDOWN Lions 28-26,now for the 2pt conversion, who do you think the Lions to in their most important moment of the game? Tony Scheffler? Nate Burelson? yeah no, they went to Calvin on a nice drag route 2PT CONVERSION GOOD! 28-28. About 2:00 left the Bears get another good return by Hester into Lions field position and get a first down and on a great stop, the Bears put all hope into their Construction Worker..oops.. I mean kicker Robbie Gould to kick a 47yard field-goal in 11NW wind gusts and the ball goes right over the upright FIELD GOAL BEARS! 31-28Bears. With 1:30 left in the game the Lions on a touchback get the ball at the 20yard line, and stormed up the fiels got to the Bears 40yard line and on a 4th and 2 with :33 seconds left, Coach Jack Meehof had no faith in his kicker Jason Hanson to kick a 60+yard field-goal"Calling him an old fart and to retire all ready" and decided to go for it and Stafford picks his play and moves Pettigrew to a curl flat and he is open and he drops it!
Lions 28 Bears 31
Game Stats:
Matthew Stafford: 88.8Qbr 21/36 290Yards 3TD's 2INT's
Mikel Leshoure 13Att 97Yards 2FUM Sad
Jerious Norwood 2Att 20Yards
Brandon Pettigrew 8Rec 70Yards
Calvin Johnson 3Rec 9yards 1TD
Deonte Thompson 2Rec 125Yards 2TD's(offensive rookie of the year)
196Yards Allowed TOTAL
Louis Delmas 6Tackles
Chris Houston 4Tackles
Amari Spivey 4Tackles 1TFL 1INT
Paul Posluszny 3Tackles
Ndamukong Suh 3Tackles 2TFL
Stephen Tulloch 3Tackles 1TFL 1INT
DeAndre Levy 2Tackles
Quentin Jammer 2Tackles
Justin Durant 1Tackle
Jacob Lacey 1Tackle
Orlando Scandrick 1Tackles

Great game Animosity, just wish that glitch didnt happen, none the less good game hope we play again with no glitches.
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