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Go down
Yards : 134
Swagger : 2

Baltimore Ravens

on Sat Oct 06, 2012 7:05 pm
Nothing really special
- Will come out in 3WR sets most of the game and run out of it on first downs.
- Favorite Run play is the Draw play out of the 3WR set.
- If Flacco isn't doing good will go with Taylor at QB.
- On 3rd and short will go to a 3WR set with the RB as a WR and will run with Taylor
- Will abandon run if he's not picking up good yardage
- Will force throws

- Blitz a lot regardless if your running or throwing
- Picks D some times before you pick your play
- Can get pressure on the QB
- Middle of the field will be open and will give up big plays
- Decent Rush Defense but can easily get 100yds on him
- Decent pass coverage due to the fact that he Blitz a lot and QB is under pressure
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