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High School Recruit
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The Brown Toilet Bowl

on Thu Sep 27, 2012 10:46 pm
The Browns come out in week 3 with a Winless 0-2 record following a embarrassing performance against Philly in week 1 where they got ran up and down the field all night long in week 1 and a shoot out with Cincinnati losing by 8. Today is a different day though they have their heads high, and looked pumped up for the game against Buffalo in Cleveland Brown Stadium. The Browns come rushing out from the locker room to begin warm ups.

First Quarter
The Bills win the coin toss and choose to defer to the second half. Cribbs takes the opening kick off back to about the 25 yard line where Weeden and the Cleveland offense takes the field. The Browns strike on their first play with a 28 yard completion to Little. A few plays later Weeden drops back to pass, fires it NEARLY INTERCEPTED as the ball falls to the turf, and the Browns live to play another down. On 3rd down and 15 Weeden drops back fires one up to Cribbs in double coverage, and CRIBS COMES DOWN WITH IT! First and 10 at Buffalo's 15 yard line. Hand off Richardson his 3rd carry of the night, he takes it right cuts back and gets tackled at the 7 yard line. Two plays later, Cleveland knocking on the door at the 1, 3rd and goal hand off to Trent Richardson the work horse of this drive and he is...... In for six! 7-0 Cleveland Browns lead. Dawson kicks the ball away to the Bills, Spiller catches it in the endzone, he brings it out, he cuts left, makes a guy miss cuts back the other way before he is finally brought down around the 28 yard line! Unfortunately for the Bills they go 3 and out on their opening drive thanks to stiff run defense by Cleveland.

Second Quarter
Cleveland is now back on the attack as Weeden looks to the tightend Benjamin Watson on 3rd down to pick up the first on 3rd and 4. Next play hand off to Richardson who cuts it inside for a nice gain of 8 yards making it 2nd and 2 near midfield. Weeden, under center drops back fakes the hand off to richardson, looks long but checks it down underneath to Little who comes across the middle of the field for about 10 yards. The Browns offense seems to be rolling here in the first half for once. Later in the drive on first down ball on Buffalo's 7 yard line, hand off Richardson, once again he is in for six points making the lead 14-0, Buffalo has to get something going quick.

Third Quarter
The Buffalo Bills receive the ball to start the second half, as Spiller catches the kick at around the 2 yard line, he makes a cut, spins off one tackler before downed around the 25 yard line as Ryan Fitzpatrick comes out on the field hoping for some better luck in this game as they really haven't gotten much offense going so far in the first half, Cleveland has been hounding them the entire game. Fitzpatrick motions the Tight end to the left, hands off to C.J. Spiller who takes it left, cuts back to the inside before being taken down after a carry of about 5 yards. Later in the drive, third down 7 yards to go, Fitzpatrick out of the shotgun, he drops back, he fires the ball is.. batted away, incomplete pass the Bills will have to settle for a Field Goal attempt. Lindell's kick is up, and it is Good from 40 yards out! Making the score 14-3 in favor of the Cleveland Browns.

Forth Quarter: A Comeback Around The Corner?
The Browns get nothing on their first drive of the 4th quarter, as they must punt the ball away. C.J. Spiller catches the ball at the 10, cuts right and gets tackled around the 25 yard line, as we have an injured Brown on the field, and it is Joe Haden. Hopefully that injury won't sideline him for to long. Buffalo quick to jump on the Browns Star Corner being out of the game, Fitzpatrick drops back, fires it long. Gain of 26 yards. Joe Haden, still not back in the game. Fitzpatrick drops back once again fires the ball, Johnson makes the catch and runs into the endzone for a 49 yard TD pass. Buffalo showing a sign of life here in the 4th quarter, can they keep it up? Extra point is up, and it is good. 14-10 is our score now with 4:47 left to play in the game. Lindell lines up to kick the ball off, Travis Benjamin, the rookie out of the University of Miami, fields the ball runs up the gut, makes one man miss, makes another one miss, cuts outside its a foot race now! Travis Jackson takes the ball 95 yards on the kickoff for a touchdown and may of just iced this game! The Browns now lead 21-10. Dawson kicks the ball off, C.J. Spiller returns the ball up the field to around the 25 yard line once again. With 4:37 left they have to move the ball, and move it quick. down by 11 points, Fitzpatrick tries to make up some ground trying to take a shot deep.. and it is... INTERCEPTED by the Free Safety Ray Ventrone! That should do it as he runs it back around midfield. The Browns still have to run the clock out though, on 3rd down and 7 Play action he hits Little coming free across the middle for the first down! Next play toss outside to Ogbonnaya, who breaks free gets to the 3 yard line and accidentally steps out of bounds before crossing into the endzone. Next play handoff Ogbonnaya again for a 3 yard touchdown run putting the game to 28-10 this game is iced! Not so fast, Here comes Ryan Fitzpatrick. with 1:15 left on the clock, hes out to prove that Buffalo isn't a push over team. Fitzpatrick drops back. Fires. Complete to Johnson. Hurry up offense, they spike the ball to stop the clock with about 1 minute remaining in the game. Fitzpatrick back to pass again looking deep, Nearly intercepted! Ball deflected to the ground, later in the drive 4th down 15 yards all or nothing right here! Fitzpatrick throws it long, and it is OVERTHROWN! Browns win! Wait... No.. There is a flag on the play, and it will be.. Defensive Pass interference. The Bills get the ball on the 1 yard line! Next play, Fitzpatrick drops back, and he is sacked! 4 yard loss ball on the 5 10 seconds to go, they hurry up, snap the ball. Fitzpatrick fires endzone, its caught. Touchdown Bills! 28-17 with 2 seconds to go, onside coming. Browns recover. Kneel the football. Game over! Browns go to 1-2 on the season as the Buffalo Bills drop to 0-3.

End Game Stats
Brandon Weeden: Rating- 73.5% 13/22 Completions 217 Yards 0 TDs 1 INT Long 37 2 Rushing attempt 14YDS
Trent Richardson: 16 carries 74 yards 4.6 average 2 TDs Long 15 Yards
Chris Ogbonnaya: 9 carries 28 yards 3.1 Avg 1 TD Long 15 Yards
Benjamin Watson: 5 Receptions 80 Yards 16.0 average 0 TDs 31 YAC Long 33 Drops 1
Greg Little: 4 Receptions 74 Yards 18.5 Average 0 TDs 17 YAC Long 28 Drops 0
T.J. Houshmandzadeh: 1 Reception 14 Yards 0 TDs 5 YAC Long 14 Drops 1
Josh Cribbs: 1 Reception 37 Yards 0 TDs 1 YAC Long 37 Drops 1
Mohamed Massaquoi: 1 Reception 11 Yards 0 TDs 6 YAC Long 11 Drops 0

Ryan Fitzpatrick: Rating- 111.0% 10/18 Completions 211 Yards 2 TDs 1 INT Long 49
C.J. Spiller: 7 Carries 11 Yards 1.5 average 0 TDs Long 13
Fred Jackson: 1 carry 5 Yards 5.0 Average 0 TDs Long 5
Jeremy Shockey: 4 Receptions 101 Yards 25.2 Average 0 TDs 19 YAC Long 35 Drops 1
T.J. Graham: 2 Receptions 28 Yards 14.0 Average 1 TD 9 YAC Long 23 Drops 1
C.J. Spiller: 1 Reception 12 Yards 12.0 average 0 TDs 5 YAC Long 12 Drops 0
Stevie Johnson: 1 Reception 49 Yards 1 TD 28 YAC Long 49 yards drops 0
Donald Jones: 1 Reception 8 Yards 0 TDs 0 YAC Long 8 Drops 0
Brad Smith: 1 Reception 13 Yards 0 TDs 0 YAC Long 13 Drops 0
Yards : 241
Swagger : 3
Fave NFL Team : St Louis Rams
Fave NCAA Team : Penn State Lions

Re: The Brown Toilet Bowl

on Thu Sep 27, 2012 11:20 pm
Good recap you must have a epic memory
High School Recruit
High School Recruit
Yards : 4
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Re: The Brown Toilet Bowl

on Fri Sep 28, 2012 12:35 am
Haha, its what I do.
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Grizzled Veteran
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Re: The Brown Toilet Bowl

on Fri Sep 28, 2012 3:27 am
Very nice! Sounds like a great game. Makes me wish I used an actual computer so I could my game recap all into one post. lol

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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Re: The Brown Toilet Bowl

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