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Dallas Weekly Recap Show

on Mon Sep 24, 2012 10:17 pm
Cowboys let one slip away in Seattle

September 24, 2012

By Omar Gaither

Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys kept Seattle at bay for most of the game but the last 3 minutes turned the tide dramatically. After Seattle tide the game up at 28….the Cowboys drove 76 yards down the field and Romo found Miles Austin in the corner of the Endzone for the go ahead TD. With 2:46 left on the clock the Rookie Russell Wilson avoided some would be sacks and picked up yards with his feet which helped lead Seattle to the Redzone where a Seattle WR beat the Zone coverage Dallas was imploring to tie the game at 28 with 1:16 left in the game. After two nice runs by Demarco Murray and a big catch across the middle by Ogletree, the Cowboys found themselves within striking distance of Field Goal range….with:46 remaining after a timeout. The Cowboys came to the line and Romo audibled out the original play, fearing that too much pressure was coming, Romo called for the snap and the center snapped the ball low (reminding all Cowboys fans of the infamous slick ball fiasco a few years ago) and Romo just got enough of the ball to prevent it from hitting the ground….as Romo came up he saw a DE coming straight for him and quickly launched the ball towards Austin running a slant pattern, unfortunately for Romo and the Cowboys the CB was standing right there to make an easy pick and get to the Redzone. 3 plays later on a Marshawn Lynch run that included 3 broken tackles the Seahawks would take the lead 35-28 with 9 seconds remaining. The Cowboys ran one play which was intercepted.

“I think we did some things well but we obviously have to limit the turnovers, especially from the QB position,” stated Cowboys Coach Devin Cage. Romo had 3 INTS on the night. Many will take this as a way of getting Romo to take care of the ball and not force things, but it may be a sing of something more. The previous regime in Dallas seemed content with Romo and always praising him, yet when Coach Cage got here, one of the first things he did was send a 6th Round pick to Oakland for Terrelle Pryor, whom many considered to be a waste and would see no time ever….unless Romo and Orton got hurt….even then some doubted he’d get any playing time. Coach Cage would go on to shock and prove everyone wrong when Terrelle Pryor would enter the game on the 2nd snap for the Cowboys and rush it for 2 yards, he would finish the game 3/5 with 86 yards 1 TD and 3 rushing attempts for 27 yards and 1TD. If this was a message to Romo he should be worried because not only is Pryor a player Coach Cage aggressively went after in the offseason, he is a dull threat that will keep defenses thinking.

Game stats
DAL QB T. Romo - 14/28, 203yds,2 TD, 3 INT
DAL QB T. Pryor - 3/5, 86yds, 1 TD
SEA QB R. Wilson - 7/23, 188yds, 3 TD, 0 INT

DAL WR K. Ogletree - 7 Rec, 137yds, 1 TD
DAL WR M. Austin - 5 Rec, 83yds, 2 TD
DAL WR D. Bryant – 3 Rec, 55yds
DAL WR D. Harris – 1 Rec, 8yds
DAL TE J. Witten – 1 Rec, 6yds

SEA WR – B. Edwards 2 Rec, 54yds, 1 TD
SEA WR – D. Baldwin - 2 Rec, 47yds, 1 TD
SEA WR – G. Tate – 1 Rec, 32yds, 0 TD
SEA WR – S. Rice – 1 Rec, 30yds, 0 TD
SEA FB – M. Robinson – 1 Rec, 25yds, 1 TD

DAL HB D. Murray - 22 ATT, 93yds, 0 TD
DAL QB T. Pryor - 3 ATT, 27yds, 1 TD
SEA HB M. Lynch - 13 ATT, 44yds, 2 TD
SEA QB R. Wilson – 3 ATT, 27yds, 0 TD

Dallas – 3 Sacks, O INT,

Sea – 0 Sacks, 3 INT, 1 FF, 1FR
Yards : 198
Swagger : 1

Re: Dallas Weekly Recap Show

on Tue Sep 25, 2012 11:15 pm
QB controversy in Dallas. I love it lol. If Romo keeps throwing 3 INTs, I wouldn't be surprised to see him benched.

Looks like the Seahawk defense is a force to be reckoned with as well.
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